Faculties and Institutes

HSE University has campuses in four cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, and Perm. Each campus is made up of faculties, within which function schools, departments, institutes, and centres. Faculties are responsible for managing degree programmes.

HSE Campus in Moscow:

HSE Lyceum (Secondary School)

International Preparatory Programmes

Faculty of Mathematics

Faculty of Economic Sciences

Department of Theoretical Economics

Department of Applied Economics

Department of Mathematics

Department of Statistics and Data Analysis

School of Finance

HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE)

School of Electronic Engineering

School of Computer Engineering

School of Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Computer Science

School of Software Engineering

School of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

Big Data and Information Retrieval School

Graduate School of Business

Department of Business Informatics (in Russian)

Department of Marketing (in Russian)

Department of Operations Management and Logistics (in Russian)

Department of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management (in Russian)

Department of Strategic and International Management (in Russian)

Department of Financial Management (in Russian)

Competence Development Centre for Project Management (in Russian)

Сompetence Development Centre for Business Informatics (in Russian)

Competence Development Centre for Marketing (in Russian)

Centre for Manager Development Programmes (in Russian)

Institute of Innovation Management

Institute of Professional Retraining (in Russian)

International Centre for Logistics Training (in Russian)

Faculty of Law

School of Civil Law

School of Legal Regulation of Business (in Russian)

School of Public Law

School of Court Proceedings and Criminal Law (in Russian)

School of International Law (in Russian)

School for Theory of Law and Cross-sectoral Legal Disciplines (in Russian)

Department of Practical Law (in Russian)

Joint Department with the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (in Russian)

Higher School of Law and Administration (RU)

Institute of Legal Management (in Russian)

Institute of HR Administration (in Russian)

Institute of Sports Management and Law (in Russian)

Institute of Compliance and Business Ethics (in Russian)

Faculty of Humanities

School of Philosophy and Cultural Studies

School of Philological Studies

Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies

School of History

School of Linguistics

Faculty of Social Sciences

School of Politics and Governance

School of Sociology

School of Psychology

Institute of Education

Institute of Demography

Public Policy Department

Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design

School of Media

School of Integrated Communications

HSE Art and Design School

Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs

School of World Economy

School of International Affairs

School of International Regional Studies

School of Asian Studies

Faculty of Physics

International College of Economics and Finance

Faculty of Urban and Regional Development

Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism

Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology

Faculty of Geography and Geoinformation Technologies

School of Foreign Languages

Centre for Education Technology Development (in Russian)

Centre of Additional Foreign Languages (in Russian)

Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge

HSE Banking Institute