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Russian State Higher University of Economics 2020 QS World University Rankings: 322 Bachelor | Master | PhD

Statement of Values

The Higher School of Economics is a research university that carries out its mission through academic, programming, peer review and….


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Faculties and Institutes

HSE University has campuses in four cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, and Perm…


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When it was first founded in 1992, HSE University was an economics university that trained economists, managers, and sociologists.


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International Cooperation

Over 400 partnerships with international universities and research organizations Over 390 student and faculty mobility agreements


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Become a world-class science, education and education

HSE Development Programme is a strategy aimed to establish at HSE a leading world-class scientific and educational, analytical and consulting centre. Today HSE is implementing two development programmes: the main development strategy up to 2030 and Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100

A strong team of professors

According to the regulations, the honorary status of Distinguished Professor at HSE University is conferred upon outstanding researchers and lecturers who have made special academic contributions to the university, who play an active role in the university’s development and who work to strengthen its reputation.(Total more than 100 people)

Innovation and Business

HSE not only researches innovation – it also creates a multi-level infrastructure for its development: Educational programmes in the field of innovation management Incentives and support for start-ups and other entrepreneurial initiatives by students, alumni, and instructors Assistance in registering intellectual property rights and commercialization of university staff members’ intellectual property Platforms for interaction between aspiring entrepreneurs and venture capital investors

HSE Governance Structure

HSE Rector oversees the direct administration of activities at HSE. Like the Academic Council, the rector is elected by a committee of university staff. The HSE rector manages the university with complete authority and is personally responsible for the quality of education at the university and its financial activities. An advisory body called the rectorate functions underneath the rectorate. At rectorate sessions, key current issues related to the university's operations are discussed. HSE President participates in the creation of the University Programme of Development and represents the university to government bodies, non-governmental organizations, professional and business associations, and unions.

Enrollment plan for this year

Welcome to HSE International Preparatory Programmes!

Since 2015 HSE’s International Preparatory Programmes train international students with little or no knowledge of Russian before they begin Russian-taught full-degree programmes. Upon completing Preparatory Programme, students are expected to possess intermediate-level language skills (CEFR level B1, TRKI level 1) and be ready to enter the Russian-taught full-degree programs at HSE and other Russian universities. We have a wonderful team of highly-qualified and dedicated teachers, who use the latest study materials, communicative approach and a great variety of interactive teaching methods. Choose HSE International Preparatory Programmes, if you want to: — learn Russian to have more chances in future career — improve your Russian language skills — begin to study in one of the top Russian universities – HSE University — or another Russian university . HSE International Preparatory programmes is your chance to: — study Russian language at many different levels (А0-С2) — acquire language skills for admission to HSE or another Russian university — complete a general preparatory course in thematic disciplines: mathematics, physics, computer science, literature, history, social studies — prepare to study at HSE University in full-degree programs in academic tracks devoted to humanities, economics, and engineering and technology — discover study opportunities at HSE and join the brightest student — meet Russian culture and traditions — live in Moscow - a vibrant, modern city, rich in culture and full of history — AND to have a discount for full-degree programmes We are waiting for talented and motivated candidates!


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Approved Courses


Graduate Students



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Study for free Students who receive Russian government scholarships can study in the preparatory programme for free if they do not know Russian language well enough to enroll in a Russian-taught full-degree programme. It is only possible to apply for full-tuition scholarships only through their local Rossotrudnichestvo branch. Enrol in fee-paying programmes International students may also apply to enroll in fee-paying preparatory programmes. The following programmes are offered: Intensive course: Duration: February – August (1 semester). Tuition fee: 96,400 rubles Basic course: Duration: October – August (2 semesters). Tuition fee: 174,000 rubles Extended course: Duration: February – August (3 semesters) Tuition fee: 270,000 rubles

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    Excellent Teacher

    Vasily Abashkin

    Associate Professor

    Faculty of Social Sciences / School of Politics and Governance / Department for Territorial Development Management and Regional Studies

    Natalia Aksakova

    Deputy Head

    Graduate School of Business / Curriculum Support for Master's Programmes in Management

    Sergey A. Aksenov

    Deputy Director

    HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE)

    Sergey Alekseev


    Faculty of Law / School for Theory of Law and Cross-sectoral Legal Disciplines


    Consistently ranked as one of Russia’s top universities, HSE University is a leader in Russian education

    Our students come from all over the world to study in English or Russian in Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, and non-degree programmes. Education at HSE combines a strong theoretical foundation with valuable practice-based experience.

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